Version v0.0.2

Monteur released its version v0.0.2 with a bunch of new changes, notable releases and supports, and upgrades. This section denotes all the important notices related to this release.

This release primarily interate major feature improvements over the first prototype to standardize its internal operations and external interactions. There are non-backward compatible changes so please go through this document clearly for what has changed.

Downloadable Contents

Here are some of the downloadable archived pack available for manual deployment.

Products SHA512 Checksum (Hex Format)
monteur-v0-0-2-linux-arm.tar.gz d330d8eb0c862d62c310709b43a79511aa589302452a43e4c67195b38c328f1183578ea04910d9e0d4bf4f3987324f94c95dcc540f8f97d4dcfa5d2dd332c7e4 8e3cee97b72c96e3bdfad03ec41f5ddea54572b74f81ea0dbb3f4cf21e20f1f031fe17f9b06937bfb0d52c873640e7a0c4a50730d3f6f15ddc27646c54d4f134
monteur-v0-0-2-darwin-arm64.tar.gz d7fa5c8ece56dc59cbddc5e59f51ed3757f425fe3305a7633e31783631e3354ce015892e567388146a748f5012541d46198e1887ae190aaeb87737aa13ef670a
monteur-v0-0-2-darwin-amd64.tar.gz 05632d9b0898e776b318234ac68906509017b7fe03539468c9c269cec118abf70a797090e916660ee7263424977d02b962b7355b5898ce199e196ec2e55f4fc7
monteur-v0-0-2-linux-arm64.tar.gz f26abd6f95eb928a66ef35d910b87e771ac81d333cf6c0196f82cd82bf24418d4a0b1ab27830ee026b22fa15324f7c14080e96fd5e3d060a706f8062b73f4707 a20701f2f771d3b34c290dd670048886f9899bc9fd2a756a94adf08e3ec78eadfde21969c5f28bc4bb66777d789b611b42f43b606cea2d509d8a9e3192b7bec2
monteur-v0-0-2-linux-amd64.tar.gz 610decc4bc5f6bf9ad469a1902d5e374353d812776f437bf5c6ebc69be8a78284173d931dd901bb4705587efd2e21c7715768feb8e798d8c6425d2a3b207d808

Supported Variants

Here are the list of supported Monteur variants available for different platforms and CPU architectures.

Notable Changes

Here are some of the notable changes for this version.

Backwards Compatible

Among the backward compatible changes are:

  1. Added native TarGz function - Issue 8.
  2. Added support for linux/arm targeting Raspberry Pi 3 and above - Issue 21.
  3. Added support for darwin/amd64 and darwin/arm64 targeting MacOS - Issue 23.
  4. Added native archive packaging functions and recipes - Issue 26.
  5. Added Init API for easy repo initialization - Issue 28.
  6. Added Prepare API for repo data preparations - Issue 31.
  7. Added native Arhicver release function for TarGz and Zip packages - Issue 33.
  8. Fixed Concurrency bug for Package API - Issue 34.
  9. Added secret data support and logger filtration - Issue 35.
  10. Fixed delete-quiet command bug to actually delete things - Issue 37.
  11. Added native sha256, sha512, and sha512->sha256 checksum functions.

Non-Backwards Compatible

Among the non-backward compatible changes are:

  1. Renaming all the jobs directories (compose/composers, publish/publishers, …) into a unified name called jobs (compose/jobs, publish/jobs, …) See Issue 32 for more info.
    1. What you need to do: rename all of the said directories to jobs.
  2. Shifted Build API’s jobs directory from (app/variants to build/jobs). See Issue 32 for more info.
    1. What you need to do: shift and rename the said directory.

What’s Next

Here are the key development for the next iterations:

  1. Native .deb package library support.
  2. Native Homebrew Support.
  3. GitLab CI recipe.


That’s all for this release. If you have any question, please feel free to raise your question at our Issue Section.