Version v0.0.1

Monteur released its version v0.0.1 with a bunch of new changes, notable releases and supports, and upgrades. This section denotes all the important notices related to this release.

This release primarily focuses on prototyping Monteur fulfilling its objective. It is the proof-of-concept of the technology.

Supported Variants

Here are the list of supported Monteur variants available for different platforms and CPU architectures.

Notable Changes

Here are some of the notable changes for this version.

Backwards Compatible

Among the backward compatible changes are:

  1. Added Setup API - Issue 1.
  2. Added Build API - Issue 2.
  3. Added Release API - Issue 3.
  4. Added Package API - Issue 4.
  5. Added Test API - Issue 6.
  6. Added Clean API - Issue 7.
  7. Added Custom Headers for HTTPS download - Issue 8.
  8. Added Secrets data Parsing - Issue 10.
  9. Added Publish API - Issue 11.
  10. Added Compose API - Issue 17.

Non-Backwards Compatible

No non-backwards compatible changes found in this version.

What’s Next

Here are the key development for the next iterations:

  1. Support darwin-amd64 and darwin-arm64 for Monteur.
  2. Native .deb package library support.
  3. Native .zip package library support.
  4. Native .tar.gz package library support.
  5. Native sha256 file checksum support.


That’s all for this release. If you have any question, please feel free to raise your question at our Issue Section.