Version v0.0.1

Monteur released its version v0.0.1 with a bunch of new changes, notable releases and supports, and upgrades.

This release primarily focuses on prototyping Monteur fulfilling its objective. It is the proof-of-concept of the technology.

Supported Variants

Here are the list of supported Monteur variants available for different platforms and CPU architectures.

Notable Changes

Here are some of the notable changes for this version.

Backward Compatible

Among the backward-compatible changes are:

  1. Added Setup API - Allows Monteur to download all dependencies and have the repository ready for opreations. Supported features are:

    • Go codes with no mix up.

    • Handles checksum safety checking.

    • Automatic hardware and platform identification.

    • Automatic target extraction.

    • Facilitate post scripting configurations.

    • Parallel executions.

    • Universally halt if any error is found.

    • Supported Command.

  2. Added Test API - Allows Monteur to execute all test instructions consistently at developer level and plans for automated CI. Supported features are:

    • Test Coverage regex parsing.

    • Dump repot to STDOUT for piping.

    • Supported Command.

  3. Added Clean API - Allows Monteur to clean the repository back to its initial stage. Supported features are:

    • Self-clean any directory or file in the repository.

    • Supported Command.

  4. Added Build API - Allows Monteur to consistently and systematically build the production grade output product. Supported features are:

    • Systematic and consistent data structure to build variations.

    • Customizable build steps for each build.

    • Supported Command.

  5. Added Package API - Allows Monteur to assemble and pack the production-grade built software into various packages. Supported feature are:

    • Seamless dynamic for packaging all variants of a distribution.

    • Supported Command.

  6. Added Release API - Allows Monteur to consistently release the software packages to the designated distributions. Supported features are:

  7. Added Compose API - Allows Monteur to generate and write the documentations of the repository. Supported features are:

  8. Added Publish API - Allows Monteur to publish the composed documentations of the repository to the publishers. Supported feature are:

  9. Enable Custom Headers for HTTPS download - Setup recipes can set custom headers like User-Agent before interacting with the supplier's server.

  10. Enable Secrets Data Parsing - allows the use of sensitive data (e.g. authentication token) in Montuer. Supported features are:

    • Key-Value driven TOML format.

    • Read via multiple overriding layers from user directory to repository level.

    • Follows symlink if given as filepath.

Non-Backward Compatible

NO non-backward compatible changes found for this version.

What's Next

Given the fact that Monteur has to be working in a cross-platform manner, the following new changes are seen as important and given priority:

  1. Support darwin-amd64 and darwin-arm64.

  2. Native support of .deb packaging mechanism (complies to linting, security, and standards).

  3. Native support of .zip packaging mechanism.

  4. Native support of .tar.gz packaging mechanism.

  5. Native support of SHA checksum mechanism.


That's all for this release. If you have any question, please feel free to raise your question at our Issues Section.