Platform Identification

Monteur, being created using Go Programming Language, has the ability to identify a runtime operating system and its CPU architecture. The combind values are known as platform condition. This section explains these conditions in details.

Supporting Cross-Platform Operations

To ensure Monteur enables its customers to be able to work on different devices and platforms, Monteur has to specify all its runtime conditions at some points for defining a configuration files.

Example, for Commands Execution Unit, a customer can generate a list of commands that is specific to a platform and CPU architecture (e.g. windows with arm64 CPU).

Data Pattern

Although Monteur is created using Go Programming Language and go tool dist list provides a great deal of supported cross-platform conditions (e.g. linux/amd64) but the values' format is not usable for filename and others.

As such, Monteur modifies the output to use simple dash (-) so that it can be deployed in both filenames and taken as values consistently. Example:

linux/amd64 ➤ evolves into ➤ linux-amd64

Hence, in Monteur, the platform ID complies to the following pattern:

Pattern:    [OS]-[ARCH]
Example:   linux-amd64

Generic all-all

There are certain situation where a configuration is platform independent (e.g. go command since it is using external binary compiler).

Hence, Monteur supplies a generic all-all value to represent it instead of listing all the conditions (which is a horror experience).


Often, whenever a configuration requires a platform identification, it is usually named under Condition. Then depending on the deployment, that configuration will only be considered when Monteur is operating on a matching platform.

Here is an example from Commands Execution Unit where each command unit has a Condition to tell Monteur when to take them in:

Name = 'Get Publish Branch First Commit for Cleaning'
Condition = 'all-all'
Type = 'command'
Location = '{{- .WorkingDir -}}'
Source = 'git rev-list --max-parents=0 --abbrev-commit HEAD'
Target = ''
Save = 'FirstCommitID'

Supported Platforms

Now that we understand how Monteur performs platform identifications, here are the list of Monteur supported platforms:


That’s all for Monteur’s Platform Identification. If you have any queries, please proceed to contact us via our Issues Section channel.