Code of Conduct

Monteur project is complying to Contributor Convenant Code of Conduct 2.1 via ZORALab's Contributor Convernant Agreement. This is to ensure Monteur's communities are aligned with the software industry's direction towards a friendly and developing open-source environment.

Although there is a code of conduct in place, we still want to foester a friendly place for new ideas and development, to the lowest age of 12 if possible. That's our common goal.



Here are the corresponding documents for Monteur's Code of Conduct:

Enforcement Concequences

Long story short, this is a software development community; not a forum or social network to brag about or to muster social power.

Our final action is to document all critical wrongdoing in a crystal clear, data-driven, legally-compatible, and independent format for your local enforcement (e.g. police) submission. This is for actions that are clearly against the laws.

Prior to that, if your action is not against the laws but harassment or similar, we can submit a report to the service provider (e.g. GitHub or GitLab) resulting a temporary or permanent bans.

Of course, to ensure we are fair with our actions, we will provide verbal or written warning shall be issued as a friendly reminder before escalating to any of the above.

Ethical Pledges

So what can we do to avoid getting into those nasty concequences? It's easy. You just have to:


That's all for Montuer Project's Code of Conduct. Let's recap:

  1. Always contact and work with your local enforcement first should the case is physical injuries and severe cases.

  2. Monteur team carries out trust is earned, not given policy.

  3. Any actions and words in the context that is deemed offensive or hurtful shall be removed and reported to the relevant enforcement authorities.

If you have any question, please feel free to raise your question at our Issues Section.