Getting Started

Using Monteur can be quite intimidating if left alone in the dark so here's a getting started guide for you; continuously updated one too!

Step 1: Install Monteur

For starter, regardless on whether you're here to create a repository or working on existing one, you need to install Monteur first. We have our downloads and installation guides here (new window will open): Download and Install Monteur

Step 2: Setup Your Repository

Now that you have Montuer working in your operating system, the next step depends on what do you plan to do next, either A or B:

(A) Working on Existing Repo

That's easy. What you probably need is to perform the Setup API in your repository with the following command:

monteur setup
Depending on what you're working on, please let Monteur setup the repository for operations. Once completed, your repository is ready. The next time you want to start working on it, simple source the localized configuration file. Example, for UNIX/ Linux operating system:
source .monteurFS/config/main
and you're good to go!

(B) Initialize A New Repo

To initialize your repository with Monteur, simply head over to our Monteur's Init API section and follows the guide there (new window will open): Montuer Init Job


That's all for getting started with Monteur. If you have any question, please feel free to raise your question at our Issues Section.