Getting Started

Monteur can be quite intimidating to use if left alone in the dark. Hence, we put up a getting started guide for you to begin with. This section guides you on how to setup Monteur and using it for your repository.

1. Install Monteur

For starters, regardless on whether you’re here to create a repository with Montuer supports OR being instructed to setup Monteur for an existing supported one, you need to install Monteur from our official download portals here (new windows/tab shall open):

Download Monteur

2. I’m Here To…

Depending on what you plan to do, this guide shall points you to the right steps:

A-Route) Work on Existing Repository Already with Monteur

That’s easy, what you probably need to do is setup the localized repository with the following command:

monteur setup

Once done, depending on your operating system (example here is in Unix/Linux/MacOS operating system), you can source the localized filesystem by:

source .monteurFS/config/main

and you’re good to go!

B-Route) Initialize My Repository with Monteur

To initialize your repository with Monteur, simply head over to our Monteur’s Init API section and follows the guide there properly:

Monteur Init API


That’s all for getting started with Monteur. If you have any queries, please proceed to contact us via our Issues Section channel.