Go Test Recipe

Montuer has a continuously developed build recipe dedicated for Go Programming Language to test its packages.

The objective is simple: to test a Go package in a consistent and reproducible manner.

All users has to do is to issue this command:

monteur test

For this recipe, they are arranged based on its own semantic versioning and is not directly related to Monteur's actual release version. Hence, feel free to explore and update each versions to suit your CI needs.


This recipe is built and maintained based on the following resources:

Recipe File

Here are all the Monteur Test CI Job recipe files for operating Go semi-autonomously. They are sorted by the latest version first, at the top.

Please read through its requiremnets and changes before procuring.

Version v1.0.0

Download Link: go-v1p0p0.toml

Minimum Requirements

  • Montuer version: v0.0.1 and above.

  • Supported platform: STRICTLY depends on Go availability.

Installation Instructions

  • Download and place the recipe file into your .configs/monteur/test/jobs directory as go.toml.

  • Update the recipe's Variables.Timeout to set a timeout limit against sleeping test run. Default is 14400s.

  • Update the recipe's FMTVariables.CoverageFilepath to your destination filepath for showing the test coverage map over your tested packages.

  • Update the recipe's FMTVariables.TestPath to your targeted Go package directory for testing. Triple recursion (...) is allowed. Default is {{- .BaseDir -}}/....

  • Update the recipe's Metadata.Name (e.g. by appending a package name) if you have more Go test recipes or to test multiple packages indepedently).


  • BACKWARD COMPATBILE - Created the base TOML configuration recipe.

  • BACKWARD COMPATBILE - Tested with GitLab CI.

  • BACKWARD COMPATBILE - Generate both terminal based test coverage percentile and test coverage mapping


That's all for Monteur's Test CI Job handling Go testing tasks. If you have any question, please feel free to raise your question at our Issues Section.