Zip Package API

Monteur natively supports Zip for packaging .zip packages across various app variants that are compliant to existing programs. This recipe allows the repository to seamlessly package .zip application in a highly customizable manner easily and seamlessly.

The objective of distributing the recipe is simple: to make building .zip packages painlessly in a consistent manner with minimal to no further instructions.

All recipes are arranged based on its own semantic versioning and is not directly related to Monteur’s actual release version. Hence, feel free to explore each versions to suit your CI needs.

Recipe Versions

Here are the available Package API recipe for .zip integrations. Please read through your selected version’s details on what has changed, what is required, and how to customize and used them.

The arrangement are the latest at the top or first.

Version 1.0.0

Version 1.0.0 Zip Package API is available for download here: zip-v1p0p0.toml

Min Requirements Values
Monteur Version v0.0.2
Supported Platforms follows Monteur’s availability

Installation Instructions

  1. You should download and place the recipe into your <config>/package/jobs/ directory with the name zip.toml.
  2. Once done, edit the configuration file for:
    1. Packages.XXX - your .zip packages list. Duplicate if there are more build variants to be packaged into .zip pack.
    2. Packages.XXX.OS - list of supported operating system for this package.
    3. Packages.XXX.Arch - list of supported CPU architecture for this package.
    4. Packages.XXX.Name - filename without extension for this package.
    5. Packages.XXX.Distribution - list of supported distributions.
    6. Packages.XXX.BuildSource - instruct Monteur to package a source code pack or a binary pack (not both). If both are needed, duplicate the recipe since they are essentially 2 different packages.
    7. [Packages.XXX.Files] - the list of files to be assembled by Monteur for packaging.

For detailed information about each fields, visit: Package Specification Data Structure for more info.


  1. Backward Compatible - Created the base TOML configuration recipe.
  2. Backward Compatible - Integrated with GitLab CI.


That’s all for Monteur operating Zip packaging. If you found a bug or have any questions about the recipe, please feel free to raise your question at our Issue Section.